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Safe Travel Solutions is an interactive training tool that allows you to provide security training for your mission group from the convenience of their home.

Traveling to foreign nations on a mission trip can be an exciting and life-changing experience. But foreign lands also have foreign rules that can expose your group to unexpected hazards and dangers. That’s why Safe Travel Solutions was created…to help you plan ahead and take every precaution necessary to improve the safety of your group. Formerly a DVD product, Safe Travel Solutions is now delivered through a virtual classroom environment.  All session videos, course materials, and leader resources are available online allowing your group to participate in the training at their own convenience.

Peace of Mind for Your Mission Team

Safe Travel Solutions was developed by the security experts at Fort Sherman Academy

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From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Now you can provide the training formerly available only to large companies and government agencies.

  • Secure Member Portals

    Quick, easy, and secure tools for your team members

  • Group Training

    Create one account for your entire team and train together

  • Flexible Learning

    Learn and watch streaming video sessions from your desktop computer, tablet, or phone!

  • Review Questions

    Online review questions help students retain each video session

  • On Demand

    E-learning available anytime, anywhere, at your own pace

  • Individual Member Logins

    Each member of your team has their own personal account.

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Preparing for Worst Case Scenerios – An Interview with Christianity Today

Christianity Today’s Drew Dick interviews David Dose about the most common safety issues team leaders overlook when planning mission trips.

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Solid Crisis Policies and Practices

How do you manage crisis in a God-honoring way and protect your faith-based organization.

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Reviews for Safe Travel Solutions

Excellent Material! Perfect for short-term teams traveling anywhere in the world! Bob Fielding, Arkansas State Baptist Convention

The security principles found in this training are taught in a way that holds the attention of your team and leaders. Steve Hardy, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston Salem, NC