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Safe Travel Solutions

A Faith-Based Training

STS_CoverTraveling to foreign nations on a mission trip can be an exciting and life-changing experience. But foreign lands also have foreign rules that can expose your group to unexpected hazards and dangers.

That’s why Safe Travel Solutions was created…to help you plan ahead and take every precaution necessary to improve the safety of your group. Since 2007, our Safe Travel Solutions Security Training DVD has helped thousands of churches and short-term mission teams develop the vital skills necessary to keep them safe while traveling abroad.

We have expanded upon the original version creating a digital delivery platform that is easy to use and provides more flexibility for group members.

Individuals, churches, mission organizations, and short-term mission teams can sign up and watch the videos and training at their own convenience. Then, the group can come together and discuss without interrupting class time presenting videos.

Safe Travel Solutions is perfect for both seasoned and novice travelers who will be made more aware of potential safety concerns while developing strategies to reduce risk to their group.

Make sure you provide an invaluable and life-changing experience for those in your mission group by taking the proper precautions. Don’t run the risk of ruining your trip or compromising the ministry work where you are traveling.

Fort Sherman Academy

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Safe Travel Solutions was created and designed by the security-training experts at Ft. Sherman Academy in scenic, northern Idaho—a company that provides security training to missionaries, charitable aid groups, government employees, business people and others.

Ft. Sherman Academy is one of the largest providers in the world for travel security courses, crime survival, crisis management instruction and high-risk hostage survival training to civilians and faith-based workers.   To date, we have trained over 20,000 short and long-term mission’s personnel worldwide in courses varying from the most basic training to the most advanced to include full, practical exercises (1 to 11 days).  To date, 68 of our graduates have since endured a kidnapping, illegal detention, carjacking, home invasion, or other violent crime in the course of their work or travel overseas - 67 of those graduates are alive and free as you read this webpage.

Experience continues to demonstrate that preparation and training can increase safety for individuals traveling with your organization, and can help guarantee the continuation of your ministry and outreach into the future.

For more information about bringing your ministry group to Fort Sherman Academy, or if you would prefer to bring the professionals to you for live training, click here to contact Ft. Sherman Academy.

How Fort Sherman Academy Can Help...

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Help comes in two forms from Fort Sherman Academy – help in training your personnel and then providing Contingency Support Services as needed to back up your security program.


I. Personnel Training:

You will find general descriptions of coursework we offer in two formats:

  • As open enrollment for members of churches and sending organizations
  • In custom, private training sessions which cater to individual organization’s needs

We provide all of our tailored training in faith-based and secular formats to meet the needs of our varied clients. While our focus is on short and long-term travelers working overseas in Christian Ministry, we want to help everybody who needs it.

II. Contingency Support Services

In addition to training, Fort Sherman Academy also offers operational support to clients in several forms including those listed to the right.

History demonstrates that preparation in effective strategies for proactively avoiding security problems and as well as strategic responses to contingency situations are still the best ways to protect individuals and organizations at home and abroad, even in the most unpredictable situations. Don’t let your next trip be your last trip – for any individual or for your organization as a whole.

We invite you to review our site and contact us with any questions or for further details regarding our tailored training programs or services. For the safety of our clients, and because of our ability to customize these products to meet client’s needs, not all of our information is available on this web site. We will be happy to get to know you better and work with you to help take care of your security needs in this increasingly unpredictable world we live in. We look forward to working with you

Who We Can Help:

  • Churches
  • Missions/Sending Organizations
  • Government
  • Congressional
  • National Guard
  • Law Enforcement
  • Nuclear
  • Corporate and Finance
  • Shipping and Petroleum
  • Professions with overseas operations

Services Offered:

  • Providing security intelligence pertinent to clients’ operational areas
  • Risk assessment services for facilities and operational areas
  • General security program development/consultation
  • Contingency team tabletop practical drills
  • On and off-site crisis consultation during an ongoing event
  • Government liaison services
  • Media support during a crisis
  • Negotiations support
  • 24/7 First Responder support for clients abroad