Safe Travel Solutions

A Faith-Based Training

dashboard_ImageSafe Travel Solutions provides you the level of training and information formerly available only to large corporations and government agencies. The Safe Travel Solutions online training platform delivers world-class training directly to your church, office, home, or any mobile or tablet device at the click of a mouse!

Create your account and quickly deliver a streaming video platform that can be accessed anytime and anywhere! And the interactive virtual classroom environment will reinforce important learning objectives.

All Memberships Include...

  • 15 Streaming Video Sessions
  • Downloadable Training Material
  • Interactive Training Modules
  • Review Summary Questions
  • Secure Portals
  • Video Role Plays and Real Life Stories
  • Individual Logins
  • Bonus Travel Planning Session

Why Safe Travel Solutions is Right For You...

  • Convenient - does not impact personal schedules
  • Engaging – videos are engaging and interactive
  • Cost-Effective – train large groups for a small price
  • Self Study - allows students to study independently
  • On Demand – available anytime, anywhere, at your own pace
  • Unlimited Access – to all videos during your membership period
  • Regular Updates - access to new training material from security experts

Sample Session

Session 1, Module 1: Introduction

The following sample session introduces the program and what you can expect from the training.

Sessions and Modules

  • 1

    Session 1, Module 1: Introduction

    This session is designed to make your team aware of the need for security training and to help them travel more safely and securely. Video Run Time: 21:00

  • Session 1, Module 2: Contigency Convenant

    This session is designed to introduce your team to the idea of a “Contingency Covenant”—an agreed upon code of conduct that we all agree to before we go on a trip that if we get into a tight spot there is standard of behavior for the entire team. Video Run Time: 18:00

  • 2

    Session 2, Module 1: (STS) Simple Tenable Statement Part 1

    This session is designed to help your team identify information that should remain confidential, actions that may compromise confidentiality, and strategies to prevent sensitive information from being shared. A Simple Tenable Statement (STS) promotes innocence while also being a statement of fact. Video Run Time: 15:00

  • Session 2: Module 2: (STS) Simple Tenable Statement Part 2

    This session helps you identify the limitations to the STS and provides a method to building a relationship with the perpetrator once the pressure is off by identifying things that you can talk about. Video Run Time: 30:00

  • 3

    Session 3, Module 1: Bob

    This session is designed to introduce your volunteer team to "Bob"—the person to whom your team will defer to provide assistance on your behalf, who is outside the situation and not within reach of the perpetrators. In addition to discussing the need for Bob, this session will help you select the best individual for that role; determine when to bring Bob into the situation; and explain his role to your captors. Video Run Time: 12:00

  • Session 3, Module 2: Information Security

    The session identifies the other methods that we leak out information through computers, digital storage devices, and paperwork. Video Run Time: 10:00

  • Session 3, Module 3: Media

    The session provides details on how to handle the media if a situation were to occur to minimize any damages and identifying a spokesman that can speak on behalf of the team. Video Run Time: 7:00

  • 4

    Session 4, Module 1: Protective Measures

    This session is designed to help you know how to research and prepare for your trip and how to draw less attention to yourself while overseas. Video Run Time: 21:00

  • Session 4, Module 2: Surveillance

    This session is designed to help you identify how surveillance is used to target persons of interest, how to detect surveillance, and how to counter it. Video Run Time: 20:00

  • 5

    Session 5, Module 1: Surviving Hostage Situations

    This session is designed to help you maintain your composure during a hostage situation.
    The main thing that we want to emphasize about surviving capture will be our need to maintain composure. Video Run Time: 22:00

  • Session 5, Module 2: Minimizing Sexual Assault

    This session is designed to reduce your chances of being a victim of sexual assault. Video Run Time: 16:00

  • 6

    Session 6: Module 1: Dealing with Unfriendly Governments

    This session is designed to help you know how to respond when being questioned by customs agents or other governmental representatives or when being accused of an inappropriate activity or feeling coerced to make a statement. Video Run Time: 27:00

  • Session 6, Module 2: Dealing with Demands for Information

    This session is designed to introduce your team to basic interrogation tactics as well as more common situations where you feel pushed into making statements that you do not want to do. Video Run Time: 29:00

  • T

    Team Leader Session

    The session is specifically for team leaders to guide them in leading the Safe Travel Solutions training. Video Run Time: 15:00

  • B

    Bonus: Pre-Travel Planning

    The session provides details on how to plan for your trip. Video Run Time: 18:00