Hear What Others Are Saying about Safe Travel Solutions...

Literally thousands of short-term teams, missionaries, and team leaders have been trained with Safe Travel Solutions. They believe it is a vital component for each of their mission trips. Below you will find just a selection of endorsements from those who have seen the results of this must-have training!

Excellent material!  The Safe Travel Solutions training resource is perfect for short-term teams traveling anywhere in the world. I will be encouraging folks to get this material.
Bob Fielding, Arkansas State Baptist Convention, Little Rock, AR

I just wanted to share a testimony of how your security training helped us in our situation. Our church has sent several teams to Southeast Asia and I require the team to view your materials. We had a security issue that lasted three hours. The team of six, four men and two women, were totally prepared for what took place because we had completed the training. Thank you for your work in helping to prepare us. As Chairman of our Mission Committee, we are going to start requiring all teams to complete the training!
Tim Sheehy, Missions Committee Chairman

We travel to dangerous places where recent bombings have taken place, where foreigners have been kidnapped, and lives have been threatened. Within the last year our team was threatened by emails, phone calls, and warned of “blood shed” and that one of the “foreigners will be kidnapped.” When this happened we had no idea what we would do if kidnapped or detained. The training for our last trip armed us with information and a plan.

We registered with the State Department and took the advice that the Fort Sherman Academy provided. Armed with the training and prayer, we felt more confident about traveling to these areas where there are militants and extremists.

The training approach is a classic approach the military uses….tell them what you are going to teach, teach them what you intended, and tell them what they learned. My recommendation to anyone planning a trip, no matter how many times they have visited other countries, should consider taking this training. We live in volatile times and there is an increasing hostility toward westerners and Christians.
Ralph Speas


I bought Safe Travel Solutions because we have a need to train mission volunteers in all aspects of their project. For us, the better prepared our teams are the better job they will do on their project. These mission volunteers travel along with our teams and go into very difficult places. They are the eyes and ears for the team. They need to be aware of what is happening around them. STS helps open your eyes and ears to situations before it happens.

I have been out of the country 4 times in the last 30 days. I’m now thinking ahead. I have plans written down and plans in my head on what I will do in certain situations. The training about who to talk with in various situations is very helpful. We in the USA are a very open society. We tend to be trusting. This can hurt you in other areas of the world. Safe Travel Solutions is very clear and precise. It is well done and has content that will be helpful is many settings. I think what STS does best is to get you to think ahead of time about issues that might happen. The time to consider “what if…” is before you leave. Training of short-term missionaries is so vital to the success of what we do. One bad trip and we have issues for years. Since 9/11 all things are different.

We need to have as much information as we can so our teams will “travel safe”. We are thankful for a product that we can recommend and use that will give us that “edge in training and preparation.
Dr. Craig Culbreth


I have gone through the videos and accompanying materials and it’s excellent! While we were already dialed in to many of the issues and had addressed them through our mission preparation training for people going into the high-risk areas, there were some significant ones that we had not addressed. Also, the drawing together of all of it into one training package is a tremendous help. We will be using this now as part of our best practices!
Jerry Haas


I have been on six international mission trips and was invited to participate in a new training opportunity called Safe Travel Solutions. I attended the training and was very favorably impressed. So much so that I returned and ordered the Safe Travel Solutions materials for my new role as Director of the Marshall Center for Christian Ministry at Georgetown College. Part of my work will be to encourage and enlist students, faculty and staff to be involved in international travel and mission ventures. I hope that STS will become a required training for any of our campus family who plan to travel abroad.

Traveling to Tanzania in August, I felt more prepared for my trip than I ever had before! As the training materials said, “The world is not a more dangerous place because I went through the training”, but I became a much more informed and aware traveler. The STS materials are exhaustive in the effort to cover the very simple, everyday kind of problems one might encounter to the extremely serious situations one might experience. The most helpful aspect of the training for our team was the establishment of our “Bob”. We feel that we found a perfect person. He fully embraced his role. Our “Bob” met with our team. He received from us a notebook that contained material on each team member such as: a copy of our passport, copy of drivers license, copy of air travel itinerary and flight numbers, copies of insurance documents, emergency contacts with phone numbers and emails, schedule/itineraries while in the country, etc. Our “Bob” knew our STS and we rehearsed that with each team member.

I was so thankful and comfortable with our “Bob” that as my wife left me at the airport I said to her, “If you have any problems or questions, just call ‘Bob’”. I look forward to continuing to use the valuable international training tool Safe Travel Solutions. Thanks!
Ken Holden


The Missions Mobilization Area of the Mississippi Baptist Convention hosted a Security Training Event. The response to the Safe Travel Solutions training was overwhelming! The news of this product was met with excitement. So, our department purchased STS in order to equip volunteers to do missions with a deeper confidence level regarding travel issues.

Our plan is to make STS a regular part of our training of team leaders. We will encourage all churches that are moving to a strategic level of international partnering to equip their leaders with STS. Every person who has participated in the training has responded with positive comments regarding the usefulness of the presented material. David Dose is an excellent presenter. One of the areas emphasized during the training is that in developing situations there is always a window of opportunity to get out of the situation, or perhaps ease the situation. After going through the training, I was pick-pocketed in Argentina and immediately recognized the situation and the window of opportunity to avoid it.

I highly recommend STS. We must go even in an unsafe world. As we emphasize the call, we must do all we can to help people to go with the tools to travel safely.
Ken Rhodes, Partnership Mission Director, Mississippi Baptist Convention, Jackson, MS


I fully endorse the Safe Travel Solutions product line. There is no doubt about the value of this training for any missions group or organization traveling internationally. I find it to be a must-have training tool and resource for mission teams. Whether going to safe areas or to extremely dangerous areas, Safe Travel Solutions has been a great benefit. Thank you for your product!
Norm Howell, Partnership Mission Director, Missouri Baptist Convention, Jefferson City, MO


For more than 35 years, I have been privileged to take volunteers to the mission field in more than 30 different countries. I have led these teams as a pastor and now as the leader in a mission organization. The best estimate is that we have involved more than 3000 volunteers over these years. For many years I have needed a high quality presentation to educate our teams about their behavior in these foreign countries to insure their maximum safety. Our limited orientation seemed inadequate with all the changes in these countries. We needed something better—NOW WE HAVE IT!


The Safe Travel Solutions DVD's will provide your team with the very best instruction for their safety for travel throughout the world. It is amazing that for such a small investment you can equip your team with information that could protect them from loss and harm and perhaps even save their life. This will enable us to do a better and safer job of sharing Jesus with people who so desperately need the Good News!
Ron Herrod


Please allow me to recommend Safe Travel Solutions—a resource that every mission-minded church needs to use. How do teach safety and common sense approaches to walking the streets of a foreign city? What should a team leader do when a crisis situation arises? What is the responsibility of the home church in the midst of a crisis? Answers to these questions and many others are found in the DVD format from Safe Travel Solutions. The principles are taught in a way that will hold the attention of your team and your leaders. If you want to train your people properly you should be using this material!
Steve Hardy, Associate Pastor and Missions, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC